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Does the rabbit have ears does the rabbit have a beak

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Unformatted text preview: cide “same” was a function of the degree of rotation     Do the objects match? Complex figures are not more difficult to rotate 14     Cooper & Shepard (1973) Response time related to degree of rotation (<180°)   Mental images have many properties of physical objects   Why do they behave like real objects?   Kubovy (1983):   not the image that is being moved   mental image represents movement of a physical entity   Visual vs. spatial representation? 15   Mental images obey same laws of motion as real objects   “Difficult” rotations in real world take longer in mental imaging   Mental Space   Spatial extent ▪  How many windows in your living room?   Limited size ▪  Imagine walking toward an elephant…   Grain ▪  Look at butterfly on outstretched arm…   Kosslyn (1975) manipulated image size   Examine how participants scan and use images   Some participants imagine an elephant next to a rabbit   Others imagine a rabbit next to a ...
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