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Second group saw a sentence memorized it were asked

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Unformatted text preview: odes are linked   Concrete concepts have both codes   First noun can serve as “mental anchor”   Richer representation better memory   Abstract concepts only have verbal labels   Symbolic   Brooks (1968)   One group saw a block diagram of a letter   Memorized it   Were asked to mentally travel the letter and indicate if the corner was on the extreme top or bottom Start 5   Brooks (1968) cont.   Second group saw a sentence   Memorized it   Were asked to classify A bird in the hand is not in the bush each word as a noun by indicating "yes" or "no"   Verbal task   Brooks (1968) cont.   Participants were then Yes asked to respond in one of two ways No No Yes Yes No Yes   Say “Yes” or “No” No Yes   Point to the answer “Yes or No” No No Yes   Why was this important?  Brooks (1968) Results Task Letter Diagrams Sentences Verbal Pointing 11.3 sec. 28.2 sec. 13.8 sec. 9.8 sec. For image task, RT was slower when pointing. For the verbal task, RT was slower for the verbal response. D...
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