Recollection depends on interaction between properties

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Unformatted text preview: unstable and insecure when he was child ▪  Newton became irrationally paranoid when challenged by colleagues ▪  Newton had a nervous breakdown when his mother died ▪  Newton was appointed Warden of the London Mint ▪  Newton went to Trinity College in Cambridge 15   Does the fact that an individual has an “intention to learn” affect memory performance?   Hyde & Jenkins (1973) study   Depth of processing study with deep versus shallow processing Number of Words Recalled   Intentional versus incidental groups Depth of Processing Groups   Circular definition   Contradictory findings   Shallower levels of processing can sometimes result in better retention than semantic processing   Match between type of elaboration of the encoding and type of task required for retrieval is more important than level of encoding 16   Knowing the context of information increases encoding efficiency   Top- down v.s Bottom- up processes   Bransford & Johnson, 1972   Context aids comprehension   Allows us to use prior knowledge to understand and organize information   Guides the interpretation of details   Gives structure to recall task   Context is only helpful in comprehension if provided before the passage   LTM = virtually limitless capacity and duration   Can be problems with getting to the information   Retrieval: the process by which we locate information stored in memory and bring it into consciousness 17   Memory performance depends on the accessibility of the information to be remembered   Free Recall   Recall all the words you can from the list you saw previously   Cued Recall   Recall everything you can that is associated with the Civil War   Participants are given a cue to facilitate recall   Serial Recall   Recall the names of all previous presidents in the order they were elect...
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