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Stm short term memory stm rehearsal repeat the

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Unformatted text preview: able to report any row requested   Iconic store (Visual sensory register)   Holds visual information for 250 msec longer   Information held is pre- categorical   Capacity – up to about 12 items   Information fades quickly   Echoic store (Auditory sensory register)   Holds auditory information for 2- 3 seconds longer to enable processing   Where information is stored on the way to LTM   Properties   Short duration (a few seconds)   Small capacity (7+2 items) 4   Rehearsal Attention   Attend to information in the sensory store, it moves to STM   Short Term Memory (STM) Rehearsal   Repeat the information to keep maintained in STM   Retrieval Attention   Access memory in LTM and place in STM Storage & Retrieval   Functions   Makes information available for further processing (both old and new)   Allows for comparison and integration of information   Eventual storage in Long- Term Memory for some information Capacity   Miller (1956) The magical number 7 (+/- 2) 5   Decay   Brown- Peterson task   Interference   Retroactive   Proactive   Not just a memory store   Mental workspace   Temporary holding store   Information highly accessible   Available for inspection and computation   Individual differences   Predicts   general intelligence   speed of skill acquisition   verbal SAT scores   Affects wide range of cognitive tasks 6 Central Executive Visual Scribe Visuo-spatial Sketch Pad   Episodic Buffer Articulatory Loop Phonological Store Articulatory/Phonological Loop   Used to maintain information for a short time and for acoustic rehearsal   Visuo- spatial Sketch Pad   Used for maintaining and processing visuo- spatial information   Episodic Buffer...
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