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Unformatted text preview: rocessing   Meaningfulness   Fit with prior knowledge •  What is long- term memory (LTM)? •  How does information get into LTM? •  How do we retrieve information from LTM? •  How can we improve LTM? •  What are the different types of LTM? •  (Tulving’s memory model) 11   Review of Atkinson and Shiffrin’s three store model of memory   Sensory store   Short- term store   Long- term store ▪  Permanent memory store ▪  Very large capacity ▪  Can store information for very long periods of time   Metaphors ▪  Filing cabinets ▪  DVD’s, video tapes, photos, etc.   Do capture ideas of storage and accessibility   Imply exact copies of experience   Puzzle - more accurate metaphor - memory is reconstructive   Neuronal change - memories must be stored in activity and change in neurons   Just being exposed to something many times does not guarantee good memory 12   Rehearsal   Maintenance rehearsal   Elaborative rehearsal   Distribution of study   Massed practice   Distributed practice   Sleep appears to aid in memory consolidation   REM sleep is key   Disruption of REM sleep patterns the night after learning   reduced the amount of improvement on a visual- discrimination task   compared to after normal sleep   Emotional reactions can lead to increased memory for an event   At extreme ends of spectrum, may have decrease in memory   Amygdala activation - correlated with recall   Cahill, et al (1996) PET study during recall of emotional vs. non- emotional film clips 13   Primarily semantically encoded   Grossman & Eagle (1970) study ▪  Learn word list...
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