Dont communicate evolution has encased the brain in a

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Unformatted text preview: cessing Speech, reading, writing, arithmetic Metered prosody Visual system Letters, words, surrealistic art Geometric patterns, faces, realistic art Movement Complex voluntary movement Spatial-pattern movements 7   Corpus callosum  ­ connects the two cerebral hemispheres   Almost like having two different brains if they don’t communicate… Evolution has encased the brain in a rock ­hard vault of bone, wrapped it in layers of tough membrane, and cushioned it in a viscous bath of cerebral spinal fluid. These protective shields pose particularly difficult challenges for scientists who would like to observe human brain activity directly.  ­ Gordon Bower 8   Surgical exploration   Postmortem studies   Animal Studies   Electrical Recordings   Static Imaging Techniques   Metabolic Imaging 9   Postmortem Studies   Identify disorder and then examine after death ▪  Young, Holcomb, Yazdani, Hicks & German (2004) ▪  Found depression is associated with a greater number of nerve cells in the Thalamus being devoted to emotional regulation ▪  Supported idea that structural abnormality may lead to depr...
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