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Unformatted text preview: oun or a verb? What part of speech is “hedringly”? How is “flumps” pronounced?   Syntactic structure does affect comprehension   More difficult syntax = more difficult to figure out meaning   Can’t get you all the way to meaning on its own 11 2/21/13   Semantics is an active process   Not just passive processing of syntactic & semantic information to access meaning   Fundamental ambiguity of language   Many- to- many mapping   How to figure out intended meaning   City of Chicago sign:   “Avoid LSD tonight”   Sign at conference:   “For anyone who has children and doesn’t know it, there is a daycare on the first floor.” 12 2/21/13   Top- down and Bottom- up processing involved   Have immediate interpretation/ perception - - may need to check back   A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat   Can be effortful process   Particularly is some assumption is incorrect   Mapping problem   Sentence meaning speaker meaning   Context   Scripts/schema activation   Suppression of non- relevant information   ‘throw away’ incorrect interpretations of words   Knowledge of words and linguistic conventions 13 2/21/13   General knowledge independent of linguistic knowledge   Superman vs. police officer stopping a car   Decoding of syntactic problems   e.g. parsing of phrasing ▪  Juvenile court to try shooting defendant   Inferred/implied meanings   Idioms   Monica spilled the beans   He kicked the bucket (opaque)   Metaphors   My dormitory is a zoo   Sarcasm   He’s a wonderful friend   Gricean Maxims of Conversation   Quantity - Be informative ▪  give as much information as required - bounded on both ends   Quality - Be truthful ▪  say what you really believe   Relation - Be relevant ▪  stay on topic and further the goal of the conversation   Manner - Be clear ▪  avoid obscurity, vagueness, and deliberate obfuscation 14 2/21/13   Participants in conversation always cooperate   Peop...
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