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How is umps pronounced syntactic structure does aect

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Unformatted text preview: hat contains the meaning   Transformational rules and transformational grammar ▪  specify how to transfer one structure into the other and detail the laws that govern the process •  •  The dog chased the cat The cat was chased by the dog   Same deep structure (meaning)   Different surface structure 8 2/21/13   Meaning for words   Mental lexicon   Sentences and their meaning   Connected text   And inferences about implied information   How much does syntax contribute to understanding what language MEANS (semantics)? Phonology Syntax Semantics Phonology Syntax Semantics 9 2/21/13   Process of extracting the meaning from the grammar   Bears steal honey from the hive ▪  (+ syntax, + semantics)   Colorless green ideas sleep furiously ▪  (+ syntax, - semantics)   Steal honey hive from the bears ▪  (- syntax, - semantics)   Order of words - part of decoding meaning   English: SVO language   Syntactic cues give important clues to meaning   E.g. passive vs. active verb forms   John bit the dog.   John was bitten by the dog.   Recent language experience affects ease of interpretation of meaning 10 2/21/13   They are forecasting cyclones.   They are describing events.   They are chopping wood.   They are weeding the garden.   They are playing tennis.   They are humming a tune.   They are watching television.   They are texting a friend.   They are conflicting desires. The flumps were flying hedringly around the squamp. •  •  •  •  Is “flumps” singular or plural? Is “squamp” a n...
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