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Unformatted text preview: would assess the pace of an arrow   Word Chain Grammars   Phrase Structure Grammars   Transformational Grammar (Chomsky)   Word Chain Grammars   construct sentences by chaining one word after another   according to a set of rules about what words would be admissible next in the chain   or what words are highly associated with words already in the sentence. 6 2/21/13   Word Chain Grammars - Problems:   These grammars have a difficult time dealing with a “weird” sentence ▪  “The boy took his baseball bat and hit the squid” ▪  “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously”   Languages can have dependencies that span many words ▪  “The little dogs, whose master was the nastiest, most foul- mouth monster who had simultaneously threatened me with litigation and tried to romance me, were nevertheless quite loving to me”   Phrase Structure Grammars   Grammar that represents sentences hierarchically ▪  with each node of the hierarchy corresponding to a phrase structure   Specifics a limited number of sentence parts and how they can be combined 7 2/21/13   Phrase Structure Grammars -   Chomsky (1957) feels they cannot give a complete account of how we interpret language   Difficulty with the ambiguous sentence: ▪  “Visiting relatives can be a nuisance.”   Transformational Grammar (Chomsky)   Surface structure ▪  exact wording and syntax of sentences   Deep structure ▪  underlying form t...
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