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Unformatted text preview: lity   Borderline Cases   Intransitivity   Lack of definitions Typicality   All members of category should be equally good members   Rosch (1973)  ­ systematic inequalities between category members   Typicality ratings   Category or sentence verification 10   Think of dogs. You all have some notion of what a ‘real dog,’ a ‘doggy dog’ is. To me a retriever or a German shepherd is a very doggy dog while a Pekinese is a less doggy dog. Notice that this kind of judgment has nothing to do with how well you like the thing…You may prefer to own a Pekinese without thinking that it is the breed that best represents what people mean by dogginess.  ­Rosch, 1973 Vehicles   Car   Elevator   Sled   Tractor   Train Clothes   Jacket   Mittens   Necklace   Pajamas   Pants   Pineapple   Olive   Apple   Fig   Plum   Strawberry 11 Borderline Cases   Classical view is ‘all ­or ­none’ for membership   Some items are unclear  ­ no obvious category boundary   E.g. color   Categorization judgments...
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