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Typicality borderline cases intransitivity lack of

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Unformatted text preview: y 8   Classical View – Defining Features Theory   Prototype Theories   Exemplar theories   Theory ­based View   Psychological Essentialism   Similarity  ­ things belong to categories because they possess certain properties in common   Necessary  ­ if something in category, must possess properties common to members   Sufficient  ­ if something possesses properties common to category’s members, it must be category member   Concepts provide definitions of corresponding categories   Bachelor   Even number   Cousin   College student   Square   Republican   Feminist   A literary ‘classic’   A ‘good’ college course 9   Is each property necessary for category membership?   Must every member of the category possess the property?   Are the properties, together, sufficient for category membership?   Must anything that possesses these properties be a member of the category?   Typica...
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