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G whos an adult have a history culturally personally

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Unformatted text preview: tribute listing/property listing 7   What properties do dogs have?   Take 2 minutes to write down properties of cats   Whatever comes to mind   Stop at 10 properties   Discursive approach (social)   Categorization behavior   Sorting tasks ▪  Categorization depends on goals/purposes/ contexts ▪  Category  ­ “Things to take with you in case of fire” ▪  Sorting seems artificial?   Attribute listing/property listing ▪  Compare lists of different people ▪  Generate lists of most frequently mentioned properties ▪  Indicates how central each property is to concept   Central to much of behavior/thinking  ­ often unnoticed   Platypus issue (1798  ­ 1884)   Diagnosis   Legal issues (e.g. who’s an adult)   Have a ‘history’  ­ culturally & personally   Can be complex process to categorize something new   Basic units of semantic memor...
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