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Rock fans are religious called ifthen reasoning

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Unformatted text preview: riests are religious No rock fans are religious                     All college students are curious All curious people read books All college students read books             Some lawyers are ambulance chasers Some ambulance chasers are unethical Some lawyers are unethical All intelligent beings are Simpsons fans All dolphins are intelligent beings Therefore, all dolphins are Simpsons fans No rock fans are priests All priests are religious No rock fans are religious   Called ‘if ­then’ reasoning   Determine whether particular conclusion is valid given that certain premises hold 1.) If someone likes Winnie ­the ­Pooh, then they’re a sensitive person 2.) Mary likes Winnie ­the ­Pooh 3.) Therefore, Mary is a sensitive person 4   Conditional statement gives rule expressed in an if ­then format   Not about tru...
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