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Communication Analysis - Communication Analysis: Listening...

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Communication Analysis: Listening Sam Holland For CMST 192 - Spring 2007 November 26, 2007 I. Introduction I believe that sexist language has to be the most important communication skill that someone has to develop today in life. Failure to develop this important skill may result in or lead to less understanding of the opposite sex, you probably would never get a date of the opposite sex, and you would be looked at as a terrible person and a non caring person. This paper will analyze one of my personal problems, give some definitions of sexism and sexist language, and finally I will offer suggestions for improvement. II. Body A. Communication Problem Whenever I hang out with my buddies or friends someone would almost always make a remark towards girls and how they are of a lower standard than men. This remark would be a failure because that would be sexism because that person has put women on a lower scale then men and that is not right. Women and men should be treated equal and one gender should not be considered better than
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Communication Analysis - Communication Analysis: Listening...

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