Poxvirus III Polyomavirus Lecture 13

2001 poxviridae the viruses and their replication p

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Unformatted text preview: l off (~10 days). Family Poxviridae Moss, B. 2001. Poxviridae: The viruses and their replication, p. 2849-2883. In B. N. Fields, D. M. Knipe, and P. M. Howley (ed.), Fields Virology, Fourth ed, vol. 2. Lippincott-Raven Publishers, Philadelphia. Poxviruses that Infect Humans Orthopoxvirus variola (major & minor) monkeypox cowpox camelpox vaccinia Molluscipoxvirus molluscum contagiosum Yatapoxvirus Yaba monkey tumor virus tanapox Parapoxvirus pseudocowpox, orf Monkeypox • Caused by a member of the Orthopox genus • First identified in captive monkeys in Copenhagen in 1958 • First Human case reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1970 • Human to human transmission is rare but does occur • Thought to be endemic in the rodent population in Africa (not in Monkeys) Makes eradication difficult if not impossible. Monkeypox Infection • Smallpox-like symptoms, clinically indistinguishable from smallpox • Rash begins as maculopapular lesions of 2-5 mm in diameter • Rash...
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