Influenza virus III

At 37oc harvest 8 to 10ml of allantoic uid conrm

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Unformatted text preview: n (HA) assay - Plaque assay - Immunofluorescence (IF) assay 2) Influenza virus growth in eggs 3) HemaggluEnaEon inhibiEon (HI) assay 4) Influenza virus minigenome assay 5) Influenza virus animal models Influenza virus growth in eggs •  Before cell Essue culture, many viruses were propagated in embryonated chicken eggs •  Excellent virus yield •  Virus growth in research laboratories •  Influenza vaccines (both inacEvated and acenuated) are from eggs Influenza virus growth in eggs 1 ml syringe •  Pathogen- free chicken embryonated eggs ½ inch, 27 gauge needle •  8- 10 days ader ferElizaEon shell •  Virus infecEon of the allantoic cavity •  Virus grow 2- to- 3 days at 37oC •  Harvest 8- to- 10ml of allantoic fluid •  Confirm presence of virus by HA assay allantoic cavity air sac embryo yolk albumin GENERATION OF RECOMBINANT INFLUENZA VIRUS FROM PLASMID DNA hcp:// Sobrido_Lab/ amnioEc cavity Embryonated chicken eggs Before and after viral infection, eggs are candled to determine viability of the embryos. It is very important to loo...
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