Influenza virus III

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Unformatted text preview: mbryonated eggs shell allantoic cavity air sac IncubaEon embryo - 37oC with 5% CO2 for 2- 3 days yolk albumen amnioEc cavity Harvest the virus From allantoic fluid (eggs) Harvest of allantoic fluid shell allantoic cavity - Remove egg self air sac embryo -   Make a hole in the egg membranes to access allantoic cavity -   Collect the allantoic fluid in a falcon 15 ml. Clean the allantoic fluid by centrifu- ga6on at 1,000 rpms, RT. Transfer to fresh falcon 15 ml tubes. yolk albumen amnioEc cavity -   Store the tubes at 4oC until they are checked for the presence of rescued virus with a hemaglutination (HA) assay. Experimental tools and methods 1) Methods for detecEon of rescue virus: - Cytopathic effect (cpe) - HemaggluEnaEon (HA) assay - Plaque assay - Immunofluorescence (IF) assay 2) Influenza virus growth in eggs 3) HemaggluEnaEon inhibiEon (HI) assay 4) Influenza virus minigenome assay 5) Influenza virus animal models HemaggluEnaEon inhibiEon (HI) assay •  Assay to determine levels of anEbodies to influenza virus in samples •  AnEbody binding to in...
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