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Prejudice Chapter Notes

Prejudice Chapter Notes - Schmitt Branscombe and...

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Schmitt, Branscombe, and Postmes (2003): participants believed taking part in a study concerning job interviews each participant received identical negative feedback 1. interviewer jerk, gives everyone a negative evaluation (nonsexist external attribution) 2. particular interviewer sexist gives all women bad evaluation but positive toward men (lone sexist) 3. all interviewers sexist (pervasive sexism) feelings of self-esteem based on gender and overall positive mood worsened when prejudicial outcome was seen as also likely to occur in other situations when discrimination isolated, self-esteem and mood didn’t differ Hornsey and Hogg (2000) when the distinctiveness of their subgroup was not threatened individuals reported less bias toward an out-group compared with when it was dissimilar. when the distinctiveness of their subgroup had been threatened participants expressed more bias toward an out-group that was described as similar to their own Aarts and Dijksterhuis 2003
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