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Ch. 2 Notes concepts : idea statements that are used to describe a human behavior or social circumstance facts : pieces of information that can be verified in a scientific way hypothesis : statements intended to predict an outcome principles : statements upon which we depend to explain an observed behavior when all four are present we have a theory (guide the way they approach the situation) practice models don’t meet all four criteria, tend to be less abstract and more concrete practice models help social workers organize concepts and theories for working clients theory : used to seek and understand the complex reality of the person-in-situation evidence-based practice : focuses on the need for scientific base in the theories and methods used in social work practice social workers with a BSW are expected to understand and apply core theories such as systems theory, the ecological perspective, and the strengths perspective to conduct generalist social work practice generalist social work practice involved demonstrating effective helping and problem- solving skills and engaging in solution-building process with individuals, families and groups; also involves knowing how to engage a client, assess a client’s needs, develop a plan to help, implement the plan, and evaluate how well the plan assists the client social workers with a MSW are expected to perform more complex tasks that require higher levels of knowledge and skills ( advanced generalists social work practice ) Types of theories: - systems theory - ecological perspective
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Ch.doc D and M - Ch. 2 Notes DiNitto & McNeece...

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