14BL Lab Schedule W14

4 handouts supplement the lab manual they must be

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Unformatted text preview: under "Due Date." 4 Handouts supplement the Lab Manual. They must be downloaded from the course website and brought to your lab section. The following table contains topics covered in the supplementary readings listed on the laboratory schedule. You can find the corresponding topics from the index of any other general chemistry textbook (i.e. the one you used in 14A and 14B) if you do not have the fifth edition of Chemical Principles by Atkins and Jones. Assigned Readings From Atkins and Jones Appendix: A3 – A7 Fundamentals: F54 – F58 180– 181 130 – 131 Corresponding Topics (General Chemistry text) Units; Units Conversion; Scientific Notation; Significant Figures; Exponents and Logarithms Molarity and Dilution Calculations Viscosity and Surface Tension Ultraviolet and Visible Spectroscopy 385 – 408, 429 – 454, 475-496 Fundamentals: F72 – F76 Acids and Bases; Aqueous Equilibrium; Buffers; Titrations pH Calculations; Fundamentals: F85 – F91 Reaction Stoichiom...
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