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Unformatted text preview: quired to make a choice of formula, the game will ask you what to do regardless of the state of the checkbox. ◦ Block Choices: At some points in the game Tarski’s World must choose a block from the world. Since the are choice is out of your control, you can make the game proceed with these choices without requiring interaction by switching off this checkbox. Of course, when you are required to make a choice of block, the game will ask you what to do regardless of the state of the checkbox. 3.5.4 When to play the game In general, you won’t want to play the game with every sentence. The game is most illuminating when you have incorrectly assessed a sentence’s truth value, but are not sure why your assessment is wrong. When this happens, you should always play the game 28 / LPL Software Manual Figure 3.2: Tarski’s World Preferences Dialog without changing your commitment. Tarski’s World will win, but in the course of winning, it will usually make clear to you exactly why your assessment was wrong. That’s the real value of the game. You might wonder what happens when you play the game with a correct assessment. In this case, if you play your cards right, you are guaranteed to win. But Tarski’s World does not simply give up. At those points in the game when it needs to make choices, it will make them more or less randomly, hoping that you will blunder somewhere along the line. If you do, it will seize the opportunity and win the game. But, as we have noted, you can always renege by backing up. 3.6 Preferences Some aspects of the behavior of Tarski’s World can be controlled using the preferences dialog. This can be accessed by choosing the Preferences... command from the application menu (Edit Menu on Windows). The preferences dialog is shown in figure 3.2. The first row of preferences are checkboxes which allow you to switch on some options for opening and creating new worlds. Using Tarski’s World / 29 You can opt to create a random world instead of an empty one when a new world is created by selecting the open with random world checkbox. You can view an animation as the world is opened or created by selecting the open with flythrough checkbox, and you can opt to always open worlds in 2-D by selecting the final checkbox. You can control the speed of animations, or switch all animations off using the Animation panel. The speed of animations is controlled by a slider. When the slider is set to the Fast end of the scale, the animations will have fewer frames, resulting in a more jerky animation which takes less time. The Smooth end of the scale will result in smoother, but longer, animations. You might like to play with this setting to get the effect that is just right for your computer. If nothing seems right, then you can switch all animation off. You can choose a different effect for how new blocks are created, varying from dropping from the sky, materializing or growing in place. We think that the effects are pretty nifty. You might like to try them out. The final world preference determines t...
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