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Unformatted text preview: s, you will have to use the exact same email address with your Book ID, so if you have more than one email address, remember which one you used. 2.2 Choosing files to submit There are several ways to choose the files you want to submit. The most common is to click on the button Choose Files to Submit in the lower left corner of the main Submit window. This will open another window showing two file lists. The list on the left shows all the files in the current folder (directory). The list on the right will be built by you as you choose files to submit. The goal is to 1 If you installed Submit on a Windows machine, you can also launch the program from the Start menu by choosing All Programs/LPL Software/Submit. 8 / LPL Software Manual find the names of your solution files on the lefthand list and move them to the righthand list. To find your solution files, you will have to navigate around the folder structure of your computer in the lefthand list. To move to “higher” folders, those containing the folder whose contents is currently shown in the list, click on the folder name that appears above the list. A menu will pop up and show all the folders (and volume) that contain this folder. Choose the folder whose contents you want to view. To move to “lower” folders, those contained inside the folder whose contents you are viewing, choose those folder names from the list and click Open, or simply double-click on the folder names. Using these two techniques, you will be able to find any file located on your computer’s hard disk or on any disk inserted into one of the computer’s drives. Once you have found the file(s) you want to submit, select the file name in the lefthand list and click the Add>>> button to add the name to the righthand list. If you want to add all files in a folder, just select the folder and use the Add>>> button. Keep doing this until the righthand list contains all the files you want to submit. If any of the files are of the wrong type or have names of the wrong form, Submit will let you know before putting them on the list. It will give you a chance to correct the names of files that are of the right type, but not named correctly. (This does not change the names of the files on your computer, only the name sent to the Grade Grinder.) You will also be able to skip files that are not appropriate for submission. When you are finished choosing files, click the Done button under the righthand file list. Another way to specify files to submit is by choosing Choose File to Submit. . . from the File menu while you are at the main Submit window. This gives you the standard file open dialog box. If you choose a file of an appropriate type (e.g., a Fitch file), it will be added directly to the list of files to submit. This takes longer if you have more than one file to submit. The fastest way to specify the files to submit is to drag the files (or a folder containing them) to the Submit application icon. This will launch Submit (if it is not already running) and...
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