41 getting started the fitch application is contained

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Unformatted text preview: he size and shape of the block that is created when the New Block button is pressed. You have the option of being presented with a dialog box, always creating the same kind of block, or allowing Tarski’s World to choose a size and shape for you. The final option specific to Tarski’s World concerns the display of text in the sentence pane. You may opt to specify a default font size for the sentence panel. There is a global preference which controls whether all of the applications check for updates when they are launched. If this box is checked, the application will determine if an update is available, and ask if you want to download and install it. Chapter 4 Using Fitch Fitch is an application that makes it easy to construct formal proofs in first-order logic. We begin with instructions on how to start and stop Fitch, and explain the basic layout of the screen. 4.1 Getting started The Fitch application is contained inside the folder called Fitch Folder. Also in this folder is a folder called Fitch Exercise Files, in which you will find the Fitch exercise files referred to in the book. When Fitch is running, you will see (from top to bottom) the ubiquitous menu bar, a narrow tool bar, a wider, gray sentence tool bar, and a large, mostly blank window, called the “proof window,” with a “goal strip” at the bottom.Here are the basic facts to remember about each of these. 4.1.1 The menus Fitch has the following menus: ◦ File: This menu lets you start new proof files, open existing proofs, save proofs, and print proofs. ◦ Edit: This is the customary edit menu allowing one to cut, copy and paste items in proofs. 30 Using Fitch / 31 Figure 4.1: Main Fitch window. 32 / LPL Software Manual ◦ Proof: The items on this menu allow you to add steps to proofs, to begin and end subproofs, to check the correctness of proofs, and to display step numbers. ◦ Goal: The items on this menu allow your instructor to set goals in problems and allow you to see whether any special constraints apply to the goals. ◦ Window: This menu gives you access to various Fitch files you have open, and allows you to change the font and appearance of your open windows. ◦ Help: This menu allows you to get help on using the application, and also to check whether updates are available. 4.1.2 The proof tool bar The narrow tool bar at the top of the window is called the “proof tool bar.” This is like the window tool bar in Tarski’s World, and contains buttons which allow you to control the display of the proof. These tools include buttons for changing the font to bold or italic, and to control the size of text in the proof. There are also buttons for checking the current step, and the whole proof. Finally, there are buttons to print the proof, and to open the help system for the application. 4.1.3 The sentence tool bar The strip containing logical symbols and predicates located at the top of the proof window is called the “sentence tool bar.” It is like the sentence tool bar in Tarski’s World, and is used for writing and editing in the p...
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