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Unformatted text preview: nt of this world, which we call the “world tool bar”. Immediately above the world is a tab which contains the name of the world. Initially this is Untitled World. The sentence panel is the white panel to the right of the window. At first it contains only the numeral “1” inside. This is where sentences are entered and evaluated to see whether they are true or false in the world represented in the world window. Feel free to type something in the sentence window, say, “I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” Immediately above the sentences is a tab which contains the name of the collection of sentences. Initially this is Untitled Sentences. 14 Using Tarski’s World / 15 Figure 3.1: Main window of Tarski’s World. The sentence toolbar appears above the sentence panel. We generally use these tools to enter sentences of first-order logic. Feel free to play around by clicking on the buttons in the sentence toolbar. 3.1.1 Opening saved files Both worlds and sentence lists can be saved as files on your disk. Indeed, many prepackaged world and sentence files come with Tarski’s World. To open a saved file, you use the Open. . . command on the File menu. To open a file, pull down the File menu and choose Open. . . . A file dialog will appear which allows you to navigate to the file that you wish to open. You will have to navigate to the right folder to find the prepackaged files, which are in TW Exercise Files. Find this folder, select it, and then click Open, or simply double-click on the name. Feel free to open one of the files you see, say, Ackermann’s World, but if you make any changes to the world, don’t save them. When you open a file, a new tab will be created above the new sentence or world panel.1 This tab will contain the name of the file 1 There is one exception to this rule, and that is when the current tab is one of the “Untitled” tabs that has not been changed. In this case the old tab 16 / LPL Software Manual that you opened. To return to viewing any other world or sentence file, just click on its tab, and it will reappear. 3.1.2 Starting new files If you want to start a new world or sentence file, choose New from the File menu. You may then specify whether you want a new world or new sentence file from the menu which appears. The New World and New Sentences commands create a new empty world or sentence panel as appropriate. These are created as new tabs within the collection of worlds or sentences. The command New Random World on the New menu creates a new world, and populates it with randomly chosen blocks. The New Window item on the New menu creates a new window identical to the initial main window. You may have noticed that there is another New command on the File menu. depending on which panel is active, this reads New Sentences or New World, and is equivalent to the corresponding item on the New submenu. This item also has a shortcut. 3.1.3 Saving a file If you want to save a file, use the Save submenu f...
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