Once something is on the clipboard you can paste

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Unformatted text preview: Goal menu. If the goal strip is visible but you would like more room for the proof, choose Hide Goal Strip from the Goal menu. When you are working on a problem and think that you have satisfied one or more of the goals, choose Verify Proof from the Proof menu. Either a check or an X will appear to the right of each goal. If an X appears, focus on the goal by clicking on it, and read the error message that will appear in the status bar. 4.4 Copying and pasting Fitch allows you to cut, copy, and paste various parts of a proof. Mastering these operations will make the construction of proofs much easier. When you cut or copy something from a proof, it is placed on the “clipboard.” The clipboard is a part of the computer’s memory that you can’t see, but which stores whatever you have cut or copied so you can later paste it somewhere else in the proof. The difference between cut and copy is that the former deletes the item in question from its current place in the proof, while the latter leaves the proof itself untouched, and stores a copy of the item on the clipboard. Once something is on the clipboard, you can paste copies of it into the proof as many times as you want. It will remain on the clipboard until something else is cut or copied, at which point the new item replaces what used to be on the clipboard. 4.4.1 Copying and pasting sentences To cut or copy a sentence, or part of a sentence, you must first be focused on the step that contains the sentence. Select the portion you want by clicking down at one end and dragging to the other, holding the mouse button down as you drag. Once it is selected, choose Copy or Cut from the Edit menu. Both of these commands place a copy of the selected text on the clipboard; the second simultaneously deletes it from the step. If you want to copy an entire sentence from a step, you simply focus on the step and choose Copy from the Edit menu. There is no need to select the sentence. This places a copy of the whole sentence from that step on the clipboard, ready to paste elsewhere 42 / LPL Software Manual in the proof (or in another proof). This shortcut is particularly useful if you want to copy one of the premises when the authoring mode is off, for in that case the premise will be locked and you will not be able to select it. Once the sentence is on the clipboard, you can paste it into another step by moving to that step and choosing Paste from the Edit menu. The text will appear wherever text typed from the keyboard would, so if you want to paste it into the middle of some existing text, make sure the blinking insertion point is located where you want the text to appear. 4.4.2 Copying and pasting goal sentences You can copy a goal sentence by focusing on it and choosing Copy from the Edit menu. This is an easy way to grab the desired sentence and paste it into your proof. 4.4.3 Copying and pasting ranges of steps Fitch allows you to cut or copy a range of steps and paste them at another location in the same proof or in another proof. This is especially useful if y...
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