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Unformatted text preview: put the file names directly onto the list of files to submit. Using Submit / 9 Submitting the files Once you have entered all the information on the main Submit window and have constructed the list of files to submit, click the Submit Files button under the list of files. Submit will ask you to confirm that you want to submit the files on your list, and whether you want to send the results just to you or also to your instructor. When you are submitting finished homework exercises, you should select Instructor Too, but if you just want to check to see if you’ve done the problems right, select Just Me. One of these boxes must be chosen before you click the click the Proceed button, which sends your submission. The first time you make a submission, you are registered as a user of the Grade Grinder system. This registration associates your book ID number with your email address. Because it is so important to enter the email address correctly, you will be asked to confirm your email address the first time you make a submission. On subsequent submissions, you will only have to enter your address once. If you wish, you can use the Add Text Message button to send a text message with your submission. This message will appear in the text of the grade report. It is useful for complaining to your instructor about how long you spent on the exercises. After a moment, you will get a notice back from the Grade Grinder telling you which files it received and which of them it knows how to grade. (If you misnumbered a solution, it won’t know how to grade it.) You can save this notice as a receipt to prove that the files got to the Grade Grinder. What Submit sends When you submit files to the Grade Grinder, Submit sends a copy of the files. The original files are still on the disk where you originally saved them. If you saved them on a public computer, it is best not to leave them lying around. You should put them on a floppy disk that you can take with you, and delete any copies from the public computer’s hard disk. 10 / LPL Software Manual 2.3 How you know your files were received If you receive the notice back from the Grade Grinder described above, then you know your files were received. If you receive an error message, or if nothing at all happens when you try to submit your files, then the Grade Grinder has not received them. If your submission does not get through, it is probably a problem with your Internet connection. You should try submitting them again, perhaps from another computer. There are presently two Grade Grinder servers (one in California and one in Illinois), and if Submit cannot find one, it looks for the other. If it fails both times it is probably because your computer or local network cannot access the Internet. If you are certain that you are connected to the Internet, you may be able to solve this problem by modifying the proxy server settings in the preferences dialog (see section 2.4.1.) A second confirmation that your submission was received is the email message that the Grade Grind...
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