The software may run on other avors of linux but

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Unformatted text preview: ort these configurations. The software may run on other flavors of Linux, but again we do not support these configurations. Introduction / 3 To submit files to the Grade Grinder using the Submit application, your computer must have access to the Internet. If you are using a computer at a college or university, the computer is probably connected to the campus network and thus to the Internet. If you are using a computer at home, you will have to connect first to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The rule of thumb is that if your browser can access the World Wide Web, then Submit should be able to find the Grade Grinder. 1.2 Installing the applications The LPL software can be run directly off of the cd-rom included in the package. However, if you are working on your own computer, you should install the software on your computer’s hard disk, because it will run faster. The cd-rom contains instructions explaining how to do this in the Read Me file. Whether you run the applications directly from the cd-rom or from your hard disk, you will need to save your homework files on a writable disk (such as a hard disk or USB stick), since your computer will not be able to write to the cd-rom. If you are working on a public computer, you should be careful not to leave your homework files on the computer once you are finished, since the files may be erased or copied by another user. 1.3 Getting Help If you encounter problems with the software, you should consult the help pages on the LPL web site. The address of this web site is: The web site also contains the latest information about the software, and downloadable updates for registered users. You can also visit the application-specific help pages by clicking on the help icon in the applications. This is a small question mark found in the top right corner of each of the applications main screen. If you discover a bug in the software, first consult the web site above for any information that we might have about the issue. In particular you should consult the list of Frequently Asked 4 / LPL Software Manual Questions (FAQ) at the web site to see if we have advice on fixing your problem. If you don’t find the information that you need, you can contact us either by filing a bug report, or sending a more general comment from the web site, or by email to [email protected] Chapter 2 Using Submit Submit is a computer program that allows you to submit your homework exercises over the Internet to the Grade Grinder, a grading server that checks your homework and returns reports to you and, if you ask, your instructor. In this chapter we describe how to use Submit. 2.1 Getting started The computer you use to submit homework to the Grade Grinder must be connected to the Internet. Submit uses the same form of communication used by web browsers, so if you can access the Internet with your web browser, you should be able to submit files to the Grade Grinder. To submit files to the...
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