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Unformatted text preview: Grade Grinder, you need to have all of the following ahead of time: 1. The solution files you want to submit. You might want to collect together all the files you want to submit in a single folder. Remember that the files must be named exactly the way you are asked to name them in the book. Submit will only send files whose names begin with World, Sentences, Proof, Table, or Solution and that are of the appropriate type (Tarski’s World, Fitch, Boole, or text files). If you try to submit a file with an incorrect name, it will give you a chance 5 6 / LPL Software Manual Figure 2.1: Main window of Submit. to correct the name. If you try to submit a file with an incorrect exercise number (e.g., World 1.1 rather than World 10.1), then Submit will send it but the Grade Grinder will tell you that it doesn’t know how to grade it or grade it as the wrong exercise. Be careful when naming your solution files! 2. Your Book ID number. This is a unique ID number that is included in the LPL package. It is of the form L21-1234567, that is, a letter, followed by two digits, a dash, then seven more digits. Do not let anyone else use your ID number, since the number is how the Grade Grinder associates your homework exercises with you. 3. Your name and full email address. The name you enter should be sufficient for your instructor to identify you. It is important that you enter your full email address, for example, not just claire or claire@cs or claire@cs.nevada-state—since the Grade Grinder will need the full address to send its response back to you. You must use the same email address throughout the course, so make sure you choose the right one and enter it correctly. If you don’t have an email address, or don’t know your full Internet email address, contact one of the computer folks at your school. Using Submit / 7 4. Your instructor’s name and full email address. If you want your results to be sent to an instructor as well as to you, you will need his or her name and full email address. The instructor’s email address must match one of the instructors in the Grade Grinder’s database, so make sure you find out what it is. If you do not want results sent to an instructor, you won’t need this information. Launching Submit To launch Submit double-click on the application. Its icon shows a cogged wheel with a gold G in the middle.1 After a moment, Submit’s main window will appear on your screen. You’ll know it by the spinning cog. Your goal is simply to fill in the various parts of this window by typing in the information requested and specifying the list of files to be submitted. Once that is done, you will simply press the Submit Files button in the lower right of the window. Start by filling in the information requested (Book ID, your name, etc.). Read about this information above if you haven’t already. Remember to use your full email address and to spell it correctly. Once you have submitted files, your Book ID will be associated with the email address you type in, so that no one can use your Book ID to submit bogus homework in your name. In later submission...
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