You can check on a submission by clicking on the gg

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Unformatted text preview: er will send you with the results of its grading. This will arrive a while after you make the submission, depending on how large the submission was, how many other submissions the Grade Grinder is checking, and how long it takes email to reach you. Generally, you will receive the email message within minutes of submitting your files. You can check on a submission by clicking on the GG Status button at the bottom of the Submit window. If the Grade Grinder was unable to grade your submission, it will tell you which of your submissions have been delayed and for what reasons. 2.4 Preferences and User Data The information that you enter into the main Submit window, other than the files to submit, is known as the user data. All of this information except the Book ID is saved on your behalf, so that you can avoid typing your name, email address, etc., each time you run Submit, This information will automatically be entered into the appropriate fields when you launch the program. Submit also has preference settings which may be changed from the Preferences window, which is obtained by using the Preferences command from the Application menu (Macintosh) or Edit menu Using Submit / 11 Figure 2.2: Submit Preferences Window (Windows). If you use this command, a window similar to that shown in figure 2.2 will appear. You can change a number of aspects of the way in which Submit behaves using the controls in this window. 2.4.1 Proxy Server Settings In some cases, you may not be able to connect directly to the Internet to make web connections, usually because your machine is located behind a firewall. In such a situation, there will be a computer that you are allowed to access, and this machine makes connections to the Internet on your behalf, returning the results to your machine. A computer configured in this way is called a “proxy server”. If you need to use a proxy server, you should check the box marked Use Proxy Server and enter the name of the server, and the port to connect to, in the text fields below. You will be able to obtain the correct information from the corresponding proxy settings in your web browser, or from a local computer expert. The default setting is not to use a proxy server, and unless it is necessary to use one, these settings should normally be left unchanged. 2.4.2 Preferred Host Settings The Grade Grinder is implemented by multiple computers called grade servers. There are currently two grade servers, one located at Stanford University and the other at the University of Chicago. By default, when you make a submission, Submit will determine which server is least busy, and send your submission to that server. This is called “load balancing”. However, if you wish you can ask 12 / LPL Software Manual Submit to prefer one of the servers over the other. To do this, check the radio button marked “Use Preferred Server”, and then the radio button that corresponds to your choice of server. The default setting is to use load balancing, and we do not recommend changing from the default,...
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