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Unformatted text preview: 2.6 Deleting blocks To delete a block, drag the block off the edge of the grid and drop it. Alternatively, select the appropriate block or blocks and hit the Delete key. 20 / LPL Software Manual 3.2.7 Cutting, copying, and pasting blocks If you want to copy some blocks from one file to another, use the cut, copy, and paste functions. If you select blocks and then choose Cut or Copy from the Edit menu, the blocks are stored on the computer’s clipboard. The difference between the two commands is that Cut deletes the blocks from their present position, while Copy leaves them in place. You can’t see the contents of the clipboard, but the blocks will be there until you cut or copy something else to the clipboard. Once some blocks are on the clipboard, they can be pasted into a different (or the same) world. Just select the relevant tab and choose Paste from the Edit menu. A copy of the blocks on the clipboard will be inserted. You can paste several copies if you want to, even into the same world. Tarski’s World will attempt to paste the blocks in the same configuration as they were cut, but will need to move them if there are already blocks in any of those positions. Because two blocks cannot have the same name, pasted blocks will have their names removed. 3.2.8 Hiding labels Whenever you name a block, Tarski’s World labels the block with its name. Of course, in the real world we only wear name tags at unpleasant social occasions. Like us, blocks in Tarski’s World can have names without wearing labels. To hide the labels, simply choose Hide Labels from the World menu. To redisplay the labels, choose Show Labels from the World menu. This command toggles the display of labels in all open worlds. 3.2.9 2-D view Labels aren’t the only things that can hide. Sometimes a small block can be obscured from view by another block in front of it. To get a bird’s eye view of the world, choose 2-D View from the World menu. To get back to the usual perspective, choose 3-D View from the World menu. These commands can also be accessed from the tool bar using the button which looks like a small version of the checkerboard. Using Tarski’s World / 21 Blocks can be moved, selected, and changed from the 2-D view in exactly the same way as the 3-D view. You can even change to the 2-D view in the middle of playing the game (see section 3.5); sometimes you will have to in order to pick an appropriate block, or to see what Tarski’s World is referring to. 3.2.10 Rotating Worlds To rotate a world by 90 degrees in either direction, choose Rotate World Clockwise or Rotate World Counterclockwise from the World menu. Such a rotation counts as a change to the world and will be saved when you save the world. You can also rotate the world from the tool bar using the arrow buttons. 3.3 The Sentence Panel There are two ways to enter formulas into the sentence window, from the sentence toolbar or from the keyboard. Most people find it easier to use the toolbar than the keyboard. All sentence edits can be undone and redone...
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