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Unformatted text preview: rom the File menu. There are items here which allow you to save the current world, Save World or Save World As..., the current sentences, or all worlds and sentences in all tabs. If the file has never been saved before, a dialog box will appear giving you the option of naming the file you are about to create. If you were to hit the return key, or click the Save button, the file would be saved with the default name. You should type in some other name before hitting the return key or clicking Save. You should also make sure you are saving the file where you want it. Check the directory name at the top of the save dialog box. If you’re not in the folder where you want to save the file, navigate to the right one by clicking on this name. You may have noticed that there is another save command on the File menu. depending on which panel is active, this reads Save Sentences or Save World, and is equivalent to the corresponding item on the Save menu. This item also has a shortcut. will be replaced by the new one. Using Tarski’s World / 17 Once a file has been saved, the name of the file appears in the corresponding tab. If you are working on a named file, the Save and Save As. . . commands behave differently. The first will save a new version of the file under the same name, and the old version will be gone. The second gives you a chance to create a new file, with a new name, and keeps the old file, with its name. For this reason, Save As. . . is the safer of the two options. You can also access the save commands by right-clicking or control-clicking (Macintosh) on the corresponding tab. All files created by Tarski’s World can be read by either the Macintosh or Windows version of the application. 3.1.4 Closing Tabs When you are done with a world or sentence file, you can close it using the Close commands on the File menu. As usual, there is a command which closes the active tab whether it is a world or sentence, and a submenu which allows you to close the tab of your choice. The close commands can also be accessed from the tab’s menu or by clicking on the close icon on the tab itself. 3.1.5 Reverting a File If you want to reload a tab from its corresponding file, you can do so using the Revert submenu on the File menu. You will be asked first whether you want to save the changes that you have made to the file (to a different file), and then the content of the current tab will be replaced from the file. This command an also be accessed from the tab’s menu. 3.1.6 Printing To print your sentences or world, choose the appropriate Print command from the File menu, or from the tab’s popup menu. If your computer is not connected to a printer, this probably won’t work. 3.1.7 Quitting (Exiting) Tarski’s World Eventually you will want to leave Tarski’s World. To do this, choose Quit from the application menu (Exit from the File menu 18 / LPL Software Manual on Windows). If you’ve made any unsaved changes to the files, Tarski’s World will give you a chance to save them. 3.2 The World P...
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