13 since the 1991 lgc mandated higher ira levels

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Unformatted text preview: GC mandated higher IRA levels. Manasan, R. (1995) "The Early Years of Local Government Code Implementation", Discussion Paper No. 95-02, Philippines Institute for Development Studies: Manila. 14 Though income is highest from non-tax revenue sources, caution has to be exercised in interpreting since more than 90 percent of the income is from the Public Utilities Department, which distributes and charges for electric power purchased from the Manila Electric Company. Figure 3.3 Sources of Income Distribution of Sources of Income 100% 80% 60% EJIRA 40% ONon-Tax 20% 40%EI MTaxes onTa Year Source: Calculated and Compiled from Budget data from Budget Department Note: Non-Tax = Receipts from Economic Enterprise + Fees + Other Receipts Tax = RPTA + Business Tax + Other Taxes & Fees Table 3.3 Per Capita Revenue Generation for Olongapo National Avg. From Taxes Total Revenue In 1988 prices Unadjusted In 1988 prices In 1988 prices Population Unadjusted Year 193327 1376.06 1995 1997 1376....
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