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1995 the early years of local government code

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Unformatted text preview: "Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Development", National Tax Journal, Vol. 46, No.2 Smoke, P. (1994), "Evaluating the Fiscal Role of Local Government in Developing Countries" Chapter 3 in Local Government Finance in Developing Countries: The Case of Kenya. Nairobi, Kenya: Oxford University Press Smoke, P. (1999), Fiscal Decentralization in Developing Countries: A Review of Current Concepts and Practice, Draft prepared for United Nations Institute for Social Development, Geneva Tanzi, V. (1995), Fiscal Federalism and Decentralization: A Review of some Efficiency and Macroeconomics Aspects, World Bank Conference Paper, Washington D.C. Tapales et al. (eds.) (1999), Local Government in the Philippines: A Book of Readings (Vol.2). Quezon City, Philippines: Center for Local and Regional Governance Tiebout, C. (1956), "A Pure Theory of Local Expenditure", pp.4 1 6-424. Journal of Political Economy, Ursal Sofronio (1993), Local Government Taxation, Vol. 3. Man...
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