521 problems with cost recovery although the garbage

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Unformatted text preview: be covered by the general fund. Revenue only cover the cost of collection operations and exclude the cost of maintenance and operation of the landfill site. Only 5% of the collections get allocated for running the landfill site, which is a negligible amount that basically covers only the cost of fuel required to run the crane and the bulldozer on site. The fee structure is fixed and is not revised on a regular basis. It is based on the size of residential plot and on the type of commercial establishment. It does not take into consideration either the expanding cost of maintenance and operations or the rate of inflation. 5.2.2 Recommendations * The city should assess the total cost of providing the service of garbage collection and maintaining the landfill site as part of the service. Decisions should then be made about whether the enterprise can maintain full cost recovery or would need to be subsidized. An analysis of the potential benefits of privatization of the dumpsite could also be considered. " The city could index garbage fees for inflation and to k...
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