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Unformatted text preview: acking and monitoring local government fiscal performance and service outcomes. This would assist in setting benchmarks for the local government to measure its progress and to develop strategies to perform better. At the national level a comparison across local governments is required, to account for the disparities between different cities and municipalities and accordingly set standards and benchmarks for service provision. 66 APPENDIX A: Services & Regulatory Powers Devolved under 1991 LGC Local governments are responsible for the following basic senices andfaiities- Agriculture Extension and On-Site Research - Community Based Forestry Projects - Field Health and Hospital Services and other Tertiary Health Services - Public Works and Infrastructure Projects Funded Out of Local Funds - School Building Program - Social Welfare Services - Tourism Facilities and Tourism Promotion and Development - Telecommunications Services for Provinces and Cities - Housing Projects for Provinces and Cities - Other Services, e.g. Investment Support, Industrial R & D etc. The Code also devolves the following regulatoypowersto the local governments: - Reclassification of agriculture lands - Enforcement of environmental...
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