According to bahl and miller the tax rate and the

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Unformatted text preview: w compared to other countries (Bahl, R 1983)17. Since the assessment levels and the tax rate are fixed under the Code, property tax yield of the local government is dependent on the correct assessment of the fair market value and collection performance. Valuation of property tax is carried out by the Assessor's Office while the billing, collection and enforcement is the responsibility of the Treasurer's Office. The valuation exercise covers assessment of both taxable as well as exempt" properties. Collection of tax is 16 hese provisions as laid out in the Code include that taxation shall be uniform in each local government unit. T Furthermore, taxes shall be equitable, fair, progressive, for public purposes only, managed by a public agency and consistent with national agenda. 17 Bahl, R. & Miller, B. (Eds.) (1983) Local Government Finance in the Third World, Case Study of the Philippines. Praeger Publishers: New York, NY. 18 All government property, equipment and corporations, and charita...
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