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Although public enterprises should be self sufficient

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Unformatted text preview: from local taxes and intergovernmental transfers. The PUD accounts for 50 percent if the total City revenue but it has few surplus capital funds to replace its depleted infrastructure. The department maintains 66 percent collection efficiency and suffers high (20 percent) distribution losses. The management of ESMO is commendable with 95 percent fee collection efficiency, though it's role is limited to garbage collection and contributes little time and resources on garbage disposal. High collection efficiency is a result of a simple billing structure and combining the bill along with the electricity bill, which takes care of enforcement, otherwise difficult to achieve for solid waste service. The issue with the 23 Makerere Institute of Social Research (1998) "What makes markets tick? Local Governance and Service Delivery in Uganda" UNDP/MIT Research Program on Decentralized Governance. Kampala, Uganda. ESMO is that the rate structure fails to cover full costs. It does not take into account inflation and is not revised on a regular basis. As a result i...
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