An analysis and review of a local governments revenue

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Unformatted text preview: w of a local government's revenue generation methods is undertaken here to better understand Olongapo's organizational capacity and it's limitations to perform under the fiscal decentralization policy. During the CDS workshop in June 1999 held at Olongapo City Hall, city officials expressed serious concerns about the growth of local tax revenues, which have not kept pace with new responsibilities delegated under the LGC, and their high dependency on intergovernmental transfers. The city officials identified the need to rejuvenate the city economy in order to improve the city's revenue generation. Although the capacity of a city to tax and raise revenues is defined by it's economic base, the city has little direct influence over the size and growth of its economic base. Instead, in my fieldwork, I looked into the internal factors influencing the Local Government's revenue generation -- how well it is able to tax the available base? I focused on the revenue mobilization problems intrinsic in the management and administration of the local revenue resources. The main objective is...
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