An analysis of the potential benefits of

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Unformatted text preview: eep up with increasing expenditure costs. 5.3 Public Markets Markets and Slaughterhouse generate 1% of the total local revenue and 2% of the non-tax revenue. Olongapo public markets have the poorest cost recovery record among the three enterprises. Costs are related to supervision, regulation and maintenance of the markets. Operation and maintenance of markets are subsidized through the general funds and there is no effort to recover capital costs. There are three public markets in the city, East Bajac-Bajac (EBB), James Gordon (JG) and Night Market. EBB is the most active; it is situated on the main spine across from the city hall. James Gordon and Night Market are located closer to the gates of the naval base. An active market at one time the JG market has a number of vacant stalls. Although it is close to the base, it is located on a feeder road in a predominantly residential area. The Night Market is operational only in the evenings. Markets and slaughterhouses are leased to the owners who cannot sub-lease their stalls. The Planning Council...
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