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As mentioned earlier olongapo has an extensive

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Unformatted text preview: Brazil, Policy and Research Staff Report". No. INU37. The World Bank: Washington, D.C. sector. It is a market city, which also services the neighboring towns. According to 1995 census 74 percent of the labor force is in the services and trade sector, most of these activities are concentrated along the main spine of the city. Despite the base, the collection from business tax is only 3 percent of the total local income compared to the national average of 20%. Examination of business tax administration reveals tax assessment and problems associated with it as key area of concern. 4.5 Problems and Limitations of Business Tax Assessment of Gross Receipts The major problem lies in the estimation of gross receipts, which is neither easy nor accurate. The collectors are dependent on assessing self-declaration of gross receipts by businessmen. These are suspected of often being under reported, and the collectors have little confidence and incentive to challenge the under reporting. In practice, the only information available to compare the accuracy of self-declared amount is the gross receipt amount in the prev...
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