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C world bank jose nnolledo edo 1998 the 1991 local

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Unformatted text preview: Approach to an Old Strategy", Unpublished MIT Thesis. Cambridge, MA: Department of Urban Studies and Planning Litvak, J., Ajmad & Bird, R. (1998), Rethinking Decentralization at the World Bank. Washington, D.C: World Bank: MaCarney, P. (Ed.) (1996), The Changing Nature of Local Government in Developing Countries, Center for Urban and Community Studies. Toronto: University of Toronto Press Makerere Institute of Social Research (1998), "What makes markets tick?" Local Governance and Service Delivery in Uganda", UNDP/MIT Research Program on Decentralized Governance. Kampala, Uganda: Makerere Institute Manasan, R. (1995), "The Early Years of Local Government Code Implementation", Discussion Paper no 95-02. Manila: Philippines Institute for Development Studies Mathur, O.P. & Einsidel, N. (1996), Increasing the Income of Cities: tapping the Potential if Non-land-based Sources of Revenue. Nairobi, Kenya: United Nations Center for Human Settlements Oates, W. (1993),...
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