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E penditure m kts x 3 35 intergovernmental transfers

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Unformatted text preview: authority to create their own sources of revenue and levy taxes, fees and charges, and they also get a share in national taxes which are automatically and directly released to them. The allocation of inter-governmental transfers for a province, city or municipality is based on 50 % of the population of the unit, 25% of land area of the unit and 25% on equal sharing of resources. The proceeds of national taxes, local revenues and other funding support from the national government are intended to fund part of the basic services and facilities. For Olongapo City, the amounts of transfers in real pesos show a gradual increase after the implementation of the 1991 LGC, and a steady decline after 1995 (Fig. 3.4). The percentage of transfers relative to total revenue is higher for the first three years after the implementation of the Code, but has also been on a decline since 1995 due to increased contributions from public enterprises (Fig. 3.2). Transfers are mostly used to cover Public Welfare and General Government recurrent expenditures....
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