Fifth the city should consider devising performance

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Unformatted text preview: could also determine revenue yield per collector and the amount of revenue that should be collected per taxpayer. Finally, the City could request the central government to review the 1991 LGC, with goal of making tax policy responsive to the changing needs and requirements of the local governments. More broadly, the center should assess whether the decentralization policy framework meets the functional needs of the local government units. Poor in exploitable natural resources, the City of Olongapo intends to enhance its service operations via better use of its current human resources and external investment to complement the development in the city to that in the Subic Freeport zone. The City has a vision of becoming an investment hub and in the CDS has aimed to project itself as a corporation. To be able to attract investments the city has to create transparent, accountable and efficient administration in its various functions. To meet the increasing local government functions and responsibilities, Olongapo City government needs to improve its performance. In order to do so, it needs to develop a viable...
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