Revenue Generation

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Unformatted text preview: ganization in the Philippines 2.2 Fiscal Decentralization and Revenue Mobilization at the Local Level At the city level, the structure of the local unit is shown in Figure 2.2. The Mayor is the executive branch while the city council under the leadership of the Vice-Mayor is the legislative branch at the local level. The office of City Administrator and the other departments assist the Mayor in executing various responsibilities of the local government. Local units are ideally expected to collaborate and co-ordinate with national government agencies and non-government organizations. In addition local government can create optional offices as seen fit for performing its functions or delivery of services. Revenue mobilization at the local level, which is the focus of this study, is basically required to underwrite service delivery, a primary goal of decentralized local government. Under the 1991 LGC, cities and municipalities in the Philippines have been devolved the responsibility to provide for the basic services for health, social welfare, agriculture, environmental protection and local public works and highways. Needless to say the role of the...
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