Finance sheets were assessed to see the extent the

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Unformatted text preview: ssed to see the extent the collected fees met the expenses. Information for PUD and ESMO was gathered through the respective account administrators. Markets were visited along with the market inspectors to observe the procedures and the system. In this manner the core problem areas for different revenue generation mechanisms were identified. Analysis is limited due to non-availability of continuous data over the years, in addition to limited detail available on the Local Government finances and fiscal management practices. There is also a lack of consistency in the accounting methods and the terminology over the years, which make comparisons difficult. Secondly, the analysis is based on revenue issues alone, largely ignoring the inter-dependency of revenues and expenditures, which are difficult to understand without appropriate cost data. Furthermore in the absence of regional income accounts or reliable employment data and limited population and income data, it is difficult to say much about the urban economic base, which determines the fiscal potential of LGU. Olongapo's historical con...
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