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Unformatted text preview: e see Bird, R. & Vaillancourt, F. (1997) Figure 2.2 City Government Organization Structure in the Philippines NGA NGO :ial/Departments Optional Social Welfare Development Officer Business Tax Environment & Sanitation Office Note: NGA - National Government Agencies NGO - Non-Government Organization Tourism Officer prioritization, though little attempt has been made towards benchmarking municipal services or in terms of performance assessment of local governments in service delivery. Largely concerned with division of power, roles and responsibilities of various levels of governance, the literature on fiscal decentralization assumes the existence of institutions and institutional capacity to undertake revenue generation and service delivery at the local level'. Revenue mobilization procedure is intensive, involving tax design and enactment, setting of user charges, estimating subsidies, information collection, identification of tax payers and beneficiaries, assessment of liabilities, enforcement and collection. Problems with institutional ca...
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