Fourth the billing is often incomplete and delayed

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Unformatted text preview: enerates a profit, the enterprise has no capital to upgrade the infrastructure. 5.1.2 Recommendations The department could improve collection efficiency and recover costs more fully. The following short and long-term remedies could be considered. Short Term e Pilferage of electricity is cited as the most common problem, which can be rectified by more vigilant management and enforcement. * Not only is there a need to update the billing cycle, but also to identify delinquent consumers to keep all accounts up to date. Long Term * In order to cut these large loses; the city needs to invest in better distribution infrastructure. " The department needs to make a long term plan and generate options for capital investment. e There is a need to assess the operations, maintenance cost and capital cost more accurately and completely, and these should be incorporated into the charges and the billing structure. 5.2 Environment and Sanitation Department The function of ESMO is limited to solid waste management of the city. Solid waste collection was first undertake...
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