In this manner the institutional capacity to carry

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Unformatted text preview: tutional capacity to carry out the fiscal role of the local unit was assessed. Questions were asked and observations made of their record keeping methods, if and how they set objectives and collection targets for their respective departments. These inquiries aided in analyzing the systems and the technology in use. Tax assessment and collection systems and procedures were noted from the interviews, assessing the extent to which the various elements of the LGC were followed and the areas of concern were identified. Meetings were also arranged with Bureau of Local Government and in order to get their perspective on the fiscal management of Olongapo. With respect to user charges and their implementation, interviews were carried out with the some members of the Planning Council' and the managers of the enterprises. Both were asked questions regarding the procedure for setting, implementing and collecting user fees and charges. Inquiries were made regarding how the beneficiaries and delinquent cases were identified, and if enforcement measures were strictly followed. Finance sheets were asse...
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