It documents the revenue generation processes in

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Unformatted text preview: t documents the revenue generation processes in Olongapo City, analyses the various administrative and procedural roadblocks faced in generating revenue from major local sources, and recommends steps that can be taken to increase local revenues. It concludes that revenue reform and performance at the local level is highly dependent on local administrative, technical and managerial capacity. Developing local capacity in these areas is critical for effective implementation of the broader decentralized fiscal system. Thesis Advisor: Paul Smoke Title: Associate Professor of the Practice of Development and Planning 4 ACKOWLEGEMENTS My research was made possible by the generous support of MIT and the World Bank. I am grateful to Prof. Paul Smoke and Aniruddha Das Gupta for conceiving of this project. I am also grateful to Toru Hashimoto at World Bank office in Manila for overseeing the work in the Philippines. I would also like to thank Paul Smoke, my thesis advisor, for his sturdy support, encouragement, very clear and patient feedback and assisting with the editing; Jennifer Davis, my reader for her comments and suggestions. I al...
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