It identifies policy issues and areas of concern that

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Unformatted text preview: d areas of concern that Olongapo City Local Government needs to address in order to fulfill its revenue needs. There is extensive literature on fiscal decentralization and urban finance, but little empirical 10 Litvak, J. et al. (1998) makes a strong case to focus on institutions in implementing decentralization policy. research or analysis on barriers to revenue mobilization for non-metropolitan, intermediate cities". I focus on the case of Olongapo City to understand the limitations and problems with the structure and administration of some major revenue sources for intermediate local governments. The next chapter looks at major sources of revenue, local taxes, user charges and intergovernmental transfers, and outlines resource mobilization issues confronting Olongapo City. " Bahl, R. & Linn, J. (1992); Mathur, O.P. & Einsidel, N. (1996), Increasing the Income of Cities: tapping the Potential if Non-land-based Sources of Revenue. United nations Center for Human Settlements: Nairobi 3. THE CASE OF OLON...
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